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Moda Windsor

Moda Windsor is an 18 unit apartment building that was built in the 70’s and in need of a full interior and exterior renovation.  The owner is someone we have worked with numerous times and we appreciate having gained their trust to do repeat work.

One of the most significant challenges we had to face, was that the building would stay occupied during construction.  We would renovate 2 units at a time to accommodate this, and we had to minimize the effect of the construction on the tenants of the building.

There was great opportunity to be innovative and provide solutions on this project.  With the age of the building the apartments had baseboard heating but no air conditioning.  There was no way to keep them cool in the summer.  With some creative thinking we figured out how to cut openings through the exterior walls and foundation of every unit and install hotel style hvac units that can provide both heating and cooling.  The apartment units are now very comfortable.

With our knowledge in multifamily construction we were able to source sub-contractors who could complete the work and respect the tenants living in the building.  We were able to recommend materials that provide the best durability when used by tenants.

Now that it is finished the building looks new again.  The tenants are happy to live in such a beautiful place.  The owners are happy to have a building that they know is ready for numerous years of use again.

Jacks Donuts

The owners of Jacks Donuts are a personal acquaintance of ours.  They decided they were going to start a new business and they reached out to us for help.  It was fortunate that they got us involved while they were still looking for a property, as we were able to analyze multiple locations to create budgets and determine pros and cons of each location.  Once they determined a location we were able to work with their architect to create the best layout for use of the space, and to provide suggestions on alternate finishes that would better suit their needs and meet their budget.

They were a 1st time small business, so the construction process was foreign to them.  Through clear communication we were able to understand that their main concerns were holding to a tight budget, and holding a firm schedule so they could coordinate all their business operations accordingly.  When opening a new business they need to coordinate shipments, hire new staff, etc so keeping the schedule is a critical.

With the help of a great subcontractor team we were able to offer recommendations for alternate materials and design that saved them over $10,000 and gave them a finished product that better met their actual needs.  With proper coordination we were able to take the building from an empty shell to an operating business in 7 weeks.

In the end, we were able to help them create a beautiful store where they can serve their customers and run their new business exactly how they wanted.

The Axe Arena

This is one of the more fun/unique projects I have been involved in.  It was a referral from a commercial realtor with a client who had a unique need.  The realtor knew our ability to jump in and problem solve, so they sent them our way.  The owner handed me a picture of an axe throwing arena from back East and said “I need to build that”.  There were no drawings, details, or instructions, just a vision of an end result.

We were fortunate to be involved early in the process, and were able to provide a lot of value to our client.  We listened to their needs and were able to develop an accurate budget for the construction costs, to help them negotiate their lease rate for the space.  We were also able to help them design their project in a way to get the most benefit from their layout, and to save costs on the construction.

The Axe Arena was being built in an existing commercial storefront so there was a lot of rework needed to repurpose it. Carpet and glue was removed from the floor and the existing concrete was repaired and polished to make a beautiful, durable floor.  Existing walls were reframed, patched and painted.  Then the fun work began.  New walls were framed and sheeted to allow for installation of the throwing targets.  Chain link fence was installed to keep stray axes from leaving the throwing lanes.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of liability with throwing axes, so the walls and fencing had to be constructed so there was no way for the axes to get through.  Again, there were no details on how to build this, so we had to communicate clearly with the owner and with sub-contractors to make sure we all shared the vision and built it right.

The owner had some tight constraints so the build time on this project was fairly quick.  It was about 9 weeks from taking over the space to where they were throwing axes.  Quick turnaround times lead to lower costs and help the owner start bringing in revenue sooner.

We loved the opportunity to work outside the box on this project and get to showcase our ability to think creatively and provide solutions.

Clark Basement

The Clark’s reached out to me as a referral from a family member of theirs.  They lived in a lovely home, but their 2 young children were getting older and they were outgrowing their current space.  They had an unfinished basement but they always worried about letting their children go down there to play because there were spiders, boards with nails and splinters, exposed wiring, etc.

We were able to work together to create a design that met their desires for a huge bedroom for the kids to share, a workout room for mom, and a huge playroom for the kids to play.

The entire process with them was a breeze.  We were able to pull a permit, and get through all inspections without any comments or items to fix.  Their basement was completed on schedule and we were able to keep their budget exactly where they wanted it.

Nielson Basement

The Nielson’s had built a beautiful new home just months before getting in touch with me.  They had 5 children and their current space was bursting at the seams.  They wanted to get their basement finished quick so they had more bedrooms.

We began designing and quickly figured out that they wanted two bedrooms, a bathroom with the shower and toilet separated from the double vanity so their boys could get ready in the morning, and a family room/theater room with a kitchenette so they could make popcorn and watch movies.

With good communication we were able to quickly work through design selections, and we were able to accommodate their special requests and some of their own subcontractors that they wanted to use.  They were very pleased with the finished product and they now have the space that they need for their family.